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  • Learn how to radically change how you think about freedom and see the truth - that freedom is available to you each and everyday. Let me show you how.
  • Stop waiting for more money, time, confidence... Uncover exactly what you want and together, we will map your step by step path there.
  • Step into your power as the empowered Feminine Leader you are and tap into limitless clarity and confidence. Go forth in your business with direction and unchain yourself - make your business fit into your life, not the other way around!
  • Become an Adventurepreneur and finally start making your business work for YOU - not the other way around.


Michaella helps purpose driven female entrepreneurs create incredible businesses that support the life they desire without the lifestyle sacrifice.

Time and time again Michaella sees female entrepreneurs working themselves to the ground because they don't know another way. Michaella not only helps them see the possibilities open to them, she helps them dig deep and truly uncover their deepest desires - not just in business, but life.

She helps them transform their business into one that works FOR them, not against them.

Her clients make radical changes in their lives and have more freedom, time and money than ever before.

And Michaella practices what she preaches. In the past year alone she has run a multiple 6 figure business, has more freedom than ever before and travelled extensively over the year.

She is ready to support and guide you to the life and business you desire!