Where were you on September 11th?

Sept 11 Honor Your Life

Do you remember where you were when the news broke of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11? Remember the feeling that you had when someone called you telling you you needed to turn on the TV?  The confusion and shock in everyone’s voices ~ even those reporting what’s happening.

We all watched in horror as our world changed.

I remember sitting at the dining room table watching the news. It was a regular day and I was up early with no big plans. My first child was due in three days and I was busily preparing for “its” arrival.  Nine months pregnant and already started my maternity leave my biggest concerns were to rest, to nest and to fold adorable little baby socks (got I love baby socks!).

As I watched in horror the devastation of the first plane crash and wondered what was happening. It quickly became apparent that this was not an accident that something had gone terribly wrong and I didn’t know what was going on or what to anticipate next.

It’s like when someone you love dies and you wonder how the world is still going on around you. This time however as things started to transpire it seemed as if the world actually stopped. I was terrified to go into labour. I did not want to bring a child into this world on this day.

I wanted to hug and hold the people in my life who I held dear.  I wanted to hide them in my bubble (I didn’t have one, but I wanted to build one), I wanted to forgive everyone who had faulted me and I wanted forgiveness from everyone who I had faulted. I had big dreams for myself, my family and my unborn child.  Despite not being able to pull myself away from the TV for days, I had big dreams to live a big life.

My daughter did not come on September 11th or even my due date of September 14th and in fact I needed to be induced on September 25th. It seems she didn’t want to come out either. 😊 But life has a way of making other plans for you and she entered the world and change mine. As a new mother I busied myself with a life of caring for my growing family.  I still had aspirations to live a big life and for fill my big dreams. Somehow things were not moving in that direction as quickly as one might have hoped. I have no regrets about this but certainly the intensity of September 11 dwindled as life took over.

But September 11th did happen on that day in 2001 and the things that were important then are important now. Well, some of them are, some of them have changed and some of them have been realized.

So I ask you, where were you on September 11th? What was important to you? What’s important to you now? What are you doing about it?  Share your stories in the comments!


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