The one year anniversary I wish I wasn’t having and yet the biggest gift I’ve been given.

This is the exact photo I took one year today before my dogs inadvertently knocked me over during play on this beautiful walk in Kelowna which gave me my concussion.

I had absolutely no idea how important this walk was going to be to my life and that one year later I would still be suffering from the symptoms of this concussion. It has affected me on almost a daily basis for the last year sometimes paralyzing me for days on end. My symptoms ranged from headaches to raging bitch and everything in between. It affected me in ways I never knew were possible. Do you know how you think you know something and then you experience and realize you had no idea? Yah, it was that.

I also had no idea of the gifts of this concussion. Learning compassion for myself. The importance of all parts of me. By being able to rely on my intellectual self less, I learned to rely on the intuitive and knowing part that was inside me and most importantly I learned that anything and everything can be taken away from us in a moments notice. Nothing in life is guaranteed except for right here and right now.

How fast this year has gone and yet how slow. Nothing is as I thought it would be and yet in so many ways it has exceeded any expectations I would have had of myself a year ago.

A whole new world has opened up for me and I am dreaming and playing bigger than I have maybe in my whole life. And those who know me know that that is saying a lot.

Thank you to those who have been part of this journey and I look forward to those of you who are on the one in front of me ~ even if I don’t know what that looks like!

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