The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind… and it’s MONEY

Logo Design Contest

For my fancy pants graphic design/artistic/tech saavy friends and followers!  It’s time to up my coaching game and I’d love to have a LOGO that kicks ass and represents my coaching!  I decided to host a contest because y’all look so talented that you could come up with something awesome and way better than someone who knows nothing about me.

Here is the skinny:
Design a logo for Coach Michaella, delivered in a format I can: put on my website, blog, social media, on business cards, print etc.
Qualities:  fun, clean lines, modern, unique, colours that women respond to, but aren’t too girly girl

Prize: $100 OR 2 months of free coaching (way better value and transferable to someone else…give the gift of coaching?) and ofcourse credit on my website, Facebook page, an overload of loving tweets and so many high fives your hand will hurt.  OR if you are an awesome pro and want to gift if to me (cause it’s my birfday), I’d be tickled pink to donate it to the charity of your choice!

hundred dollar

Entries must be received by February 9th, 2013 ~ cause it’s my birthday and I think that’d be the best present ever!

I can’t wait to see all the magic and thanks for participating!
Mad love,

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  1. sharon courtnage says:

    nice page here honey very well done luv you xoxox proud of you

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