Teachers strike is “life happening”

~EMINEMI am not here to give any opinions on the BC teachers labor dispute. My only opinion is nobody wins at this point. When things drag on as this have too much has already been done and said and true resolution seems near impossible.  I see that it’s coming, but we’ll see…  Even if an agreement is made and voted in, the scars are already there…

Instead, I’d love to share my thoughts for parents around an option of what to do while this is still in place. I have heard many people talk about day care and homeschooling and private schools and everything else in between.

What I think is interesting is that people have forgotten that life happens. Since when was anything a given? You know the saying death and taxes…

I so value education, but the education system has failed my daughter many times. As someone with a learning disability she has been promised things from both the government and school level that she has never received. What did we do about it as a family?  We took it into our own hands.  Nothing is guaranteed. This is not to say we didn’t advocate and ask and hope and demand but at the end of the day it’s our daughter is learning that was important.

So here we are as she is to enter her grade 8 year – her first year into high school.  Does she not deserve an education? Of course she does, but nothing is guaranteed, even in today’s day and age where a university degree is almost a prerequisite for any job.

I think it’s important for us as parents to look at our own situations and decide what is best for our children during this time. This might even change with every week that passes that they are not in school.  For the time being I have chosen to continue with her tutoring which went on through the summer and focus on various life skills that will support her beyond her education. Conversations about money, visits to the bank, grocery shopping and discussions about fractions, prices, branding etc. volunteering and being of service in her community, maintaining relationships over the miles with friends and family through activities such as letters and emails and face time.

I am not a teacher, and I have no false illusions about the education that I can offer my daughter. So I am choosing to utilize the skills I have and know that nothing is guaranteed. Life will happen and decisions will be made for our family.  In the meantime if you see us at the candy aisle at 7:11 for what seems like forever you’ll know that it’s not that we can’t decide between gummy bears, coke bottles and licorice. Somehow there is a lesson being tied into what we’re doing. And since she knows nothing is guaranteed we may walk out empty handed. 😉

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