Self Care? Or is it Self Respect?

As a coach, there are days that we give and give and give. What I wanted to focus on today is not the giving I did in my business but more importantly the giving I gave to myself. After a day of back-to-back calls I must admit I no longer¬†wanted to talk to anyone or listen to anyone. My poor husband gets home and all he wants to do is talk to someone. So I listened for a while and give him the listening ear that he deserves after a long day and then I tell him that I need some quiet. I would love for him to be with me, but he just can’t talk. He agrees, sits down and after a few seconds starts to talk again. I let him talk for a minute and then remind him about how important this quiet is to me right now. Lather, rinse, repeat. He starts talking again. I give him an exhausted laugh and jovially say, “baby, can you please stop talking?!?!” This time he hears me. I knew I didn’t need much but I did need the self care of having some down time and giving myself an opportunity to just be in quiet. A small little act of self-care gave me the rejuvenation I was looking for.
Self Care
I know the word self-care gets thrown around a lot these days, but where does self-care need to be looked at in our lives today?
* Ladies, when you need to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom! I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to about this need we have to do one more thing before we go pee. I have often heard myself saying, “this job is going to give me a bladder infection.” It’s not the job, it’s me.
* The fine art of balancing a schedule. We need to appreciate time for what it is. So often we cram our schedules and think we can do more than time really allows. Self-care means not rushing around and evoking anxiety about where you need to be.
* Rest. Every kind of rest you require. Resting your brain. Resting your body. Resting your spirit. A break from electronics. Time in nature. Rejuvenation. And of course, sleep ~ beautiful, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
* Making choices without guilt. These choices include: what you eat, how you spend your time, what you say no to, what you didn’t do for someone, how you are feeling, what you have chosen to uncommitted yourself to. When will you be in conscious choice about our decisions we get to do so without having guilt. Want to have that massive piece of chocolate cake? Eat it, eat all of it. Enjoy every little last bite and know that you did so in conscious choice. Don’t really want to go to your friends birthday party? Don’t. Do something for them that makes you feel good if you want to do something for them but don’t go to something that you don’t want to go to just because you feel guilty not going. Get back into conscious choice.

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