Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not by hoarding it

#Day31 of #40DaysofGiving came from a friend telling me about a way that I give that I do without appreciation. Resources. She was telling me about something and I was reminded of a book that she might find useful. Truthfully, I had no attachment to whether or not she read it, didn’t feel like I was saying, “look how smart I is cause I reads the books” and had no gain to giving her the recommendation. And yet, upon reflection I do it all the time. And people LOVE IT! So, what have I noticed and what are ways we can all give without it costing us anything?sharing knowledge
– A book recommendation. This can be a “hey, you might like this book” or goodreads ratings (you can check my bookshelf out here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/5763034?shelf=%23ALL%23) or even a review after your book purchase on amazon, chapters, etc.
– An online purchase review. So often before purchasing something on sephora, I check out the reviews. They can be incredibly helpful
– Sharing your failures. If someone is walking a path that you have already walked, share your path, your journeys. There might be things you now know you would do differently. They will walk their own path, take their own journey, but you might just make it a little easier.
– Share your favourite things. I am in the process of rebuilding www.coachmichaella.com and one of the things I have added is links to my fav things – from pedi’s to movies.
– Teach. When I was working in corporate, one of the ways I always climbed up the corporate ladder so quickly was to teach the person under me to do my job. If they grew, I grew. If that meant I needed to grow in a new organization, then that would be the next step. Everyone grows and learns.

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