Family Fun

#Day40 (Yes, counting down) of #40DaysofGiving ~ The gift of making fun of myself {and my family and friends!} in this little montage. Need a laugh? Laugh at our expense and enjoy! Don’t worry, we’re laughing right along side you! Happy 2015!!!

(Check out the video on Facebook here)

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40 this and 40 that…

Give MoreAs the clock strikes midnight this 2015 New Years Eve, It will be 40 days until my 40th birthday. I thought 40 would be terrifying, but it’s exhilarating! So from Jan 1 to Feb 9th I will be doing #40DaysOfGiving where I, along side my family, friends, colleagues and you, my clients and followers, I will honour the first 40 years of my life and give back to the many people and things have gotten me this far. Since I want it to be organic and come from the heart, I won’t know what every day is going to bring, but here are some of the things I have planned:
– 40 Random Acts of Kindness
– 40 gifted challenge and opportunity sessions where you and I get to create a creation container and see what crazy things you want to get up to in your own live. I am committed to giving these sessions only to people who are really ready to take charge of their lives and what they want to get up to and are willing to explore all parts of it and TAKE ACTION! Fully being of service in each and every one of these calls.
– A blog post about 40 things to celebrate about being 40. (Are you sensing a theme?)
– 40 hours of fully receiving from others and giving myself the gift of receiving. Giving as little as possible. This one is going to be tough!
– 40 handwritten cards to loved ones over the years that have impacted my life. Who doesn’t like post holiday mail?
When February 9th hits I will then start #40DaysOfCelebration celebrating the shit out the life that we all get to have. Yes, even the crappy stuff. I will celebrate the shit out of my deepest failures, obstacles and life lessons and along with every amazing f*ing thing that has crossed my path. Wow, there is some passion behind that statement huh? I will dance, pop champagne, cry (that’s a given), be in nature, fail – hopefully epically, party, sing, laugh my ass off…. just to get things started. So what are some of the things I am going to celebrate? Hmmmm… let’s see….
– Spend (ehhemmm) Invest LARGELY in an adventure coaching immersion for myself and my business. CRAP ~ this is AH-MAZE-ING! Celebrating this for 2015 already!
– Have some kind of shindig for my actual birthday. Since my birthday is on family day in BC, I think it get’s to be extra specially special. But that’s just me. Hello, they created a long weekend just for it!
– Love all of me joyously. I acknowledge that this is a work in progress for me. I am on the edge. I’m workin’ it. Daily love. …because I said I would.
– Commit to my health in a new way. Honouring the very best and the very worst of what is here. Knowing that each moment can be life changing. Given or taken away. I know this all to well. Committing to my health is a lifelong gift I will be giving to my daughter in hopes that she will have to put up with me for decades and decades to come.
– Launching my new web site. Haven’t decided if I will stick with or move to Another work in progress.

And then as the #40DaysofGiving and #40DaysofCelebration come to a close, my family and I are planning a Humanitarian trip to Cuba to go to some work in an orphanage over Spring break and take some much needed family time to spend together. I am thinking of bringing donations of art supplies, my hubby of baseball equipment, and my daughter of school supplies. This also is still a work in progress, but currently that’s the plan.
So, for every person who has inspired me to get to this place in my life, thank you! You are a piece of this with me. I am so lucky to have each and every person I have in my life!
I would love your ideas. How can I support you? What are ways you would action #40DaysofGiving or #40DaysofCelebration? Help me make these next few months incredibly special and meaningful while supporting you!

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The one year anniversary I wish I wasn’t having and yet the biggest gift I’ve been given.

This is the exact photo I took one year today before my dogs inadvertently knocked me over during play on this beautiful walk in Kelowna which gave me my concussion.

I had absolutely no idea how important this walk was going to be to my life and that one year later I would still be suffering from the symptoms of this concussion. It has affected me on almost a daily basis for the last year sometimes paralyzing me for days on end. My symptoms ranged from headaches to raging bitch and everything in between. It affected me in ways I never knew were possible. Do you know how you think you know something and then you experience and realize you had no idea? Yah, it was that.

I also had no idea of the gifts of this concussion. Learning compassion for myself. The importance of all parts of me. By being able to rely on my intellectual self less, I learned to rely on the intuitive and knowing part that was inside me and most importantly I learned that anything and everything can be taken away from us in a moments notice. Nothing in life is guaranteed except for right here and right now.

How fast this year has gone and yet how slow. Nothing is as I thought it would be and yet in so many ways it has exceeded any expectations I would have had of myself a year ago.

A whole new world has opened up for me and I am dreaming and playing bigger than I have maybe in my whole life. And those who know me know that that is saying a lot.

Thank you to those who have been part of this journey and I look forward to those of you who are on the one in front of me ~ even if I don’t know what that looks like!

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How my kinda birthday is making me jump off (not a bridge).

Happy birthday to me!

Okay, it’s not really my birthday but it kinda is…. It’s my half birthday!

I’m not normally one to celebrate half birthdays. I normally check my goals around this time because it’s September and September is a time of reflection and getting back to some more structure and routines and my goals run from February to February.  I can just never fully get my shit together for January 1st and my birthday feels like a much more fun time to do it anyways.

This is the first year that a half birthday has felt so significant.  You see in February I have a big birthday coming. Why does everyone talk about this birthday? Isn’t 40 the new 30 anyways?

A while back I realized I had 300,000 minutes left until my birthday. Who thinks like that???  But I had taken a vow to be brave just one moment at a time. One minute of bravery was all I needed to ask of myself. I knew that this was all I needed to step into this things the scared the crap out of me.

I remember being about 22 years old and on an island in Greece and bungee jumping off of a massive crane. I had already skydived in Vancouver, how could this be any scarier?  Well let me tell you, it was! I was terrified. Why would I jump off this totally secure platform into the unknown?  There was no process, no things to remember, no steps to take. Just one second of bravery to lift my foot off that platform and lean forward. They had to count me down three times.

But I digress.  I have no idea exactly how many minutes I have left until the big 4–0. I do however know that I have taken incredible steps of bravery leading up to it and will continue to do so far beyond my actual day. There are things I want to accomplish while still in my 30s and things I need to leave behind as I move into a new decade of my life. Relationships that deserve mending, grudges worth letting go and fears worth busting through.

After recently posting about September 11th I am again reminded about the things we are reminded of during momentous occasions. Tragedies in the world, big birthdays, and so too often funerals.

I haven’t yet planned my actual birthday, but it will no doubt be something fun and epic and in the meantime I am enjoying the journey between now and then and taking small and meaningful one minute steps of bravery towards great things!

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Teachers strike is “life happening”

~EMINEMI am not here to give any opinions on the BC teachers labor dispute. My only opinion is nobody wins at this point. When things drag on as this have too much has already been done and said and true resolution seems near impossible.  I see that it’s coming, but we’ll see…  Even if an agreement is made and voted in, the scars are already there…

Instead, I’d love to share my thoughts for parents around an option of what to do while this is still in place. I have heard many people talk about day care and homeschooling and private schools and everything else in between.

What I think is interesting is that people have forgotten that life happens. Since when was anything a given? You know the saying death and taxes…

I so value education, but the education system has failed my daughter many times. As someone with a learning disability she has been promised things from both the government and school level that she has never received. What did we do about it as a family?  We took it into our own hands.  Nothing is guaranteed. This is not to say we didn’t advocate and ask and hope and demand but at the end of the day it’s our daughter is learning that was important.

So here we are as she is to enter her grade 8 year – her first year into high school.  Does she not deserve an education? Of course she does, but nothing is guaranteed, even in today’s day and age where a university degree is almost a prerequisite for any job.

I think it’s important for us as parents to look at our own situations and decide what is best for our children during this time. This might even change with every week that passes that they are not in school.  For the time being I have chosen to continue with her tutoring which went on through the summer and focus on various life skills that will support her beyond her education. Conversations about money, visits to the bank, grocery shopping and discussions about fractions, prices, branding etc. volunteering and being of service in her community, maintaining relationships over the miles with friends and family through activities such as letters and emails and face time.

I am not a teacher, and I have no false illusions about the education that I can offer my daughter. So I am choosing to utilize the skills I have and know that nothing is guaranteed. Life will happen and decisions will be made for our family.  In the meantime if you see us at the candy aisle at 7:11 for what seems like forever you’ll know that it’s not that we can’t decide between gummy bears, coke bottles and licorice. Somehow there is a lesson being tied into what we’re doing. And since she knows nothing is guaranteed we may walk out empty handed. 😉

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Where were you on September 11th?

Sept 11 Honor Your Life

Do you remember where you were when the news broke of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center on September 11? Remember the feeling that you had when someone called you telling you you needed to turn on the TV?  The confusion and shock in everyone’s voices ~ even those reporting what’s happening.

We all watched in horror as our world changed.

I remember sitting at the dining room table watching the news. It was a regular day and I was up early with no big plans. My first child was due in three days and I was busily preparing for “its” arrival.  Nine months pregnant and already started my maternity leave my biggest concerns were to rest, to nest and to fold adorable little baby socks (got I love baby socks!).

As I watched in horror the devastation of the first plane crash and wondered what was happening. It quickly became apparent that this was not an accident that something had gone terribly wrong and I didn’t know what was going on or what to anticipate next.

It’s like when someone you love dies and you wonder how the world is still going on around you. This time however as things started to transpire it seemed as if the world actually stopped. I was terrified to go into labour. I did not want to bring a child into this world on this day.

I wanted to hug and hold the people in my life who I held dear.  I wanted to hide them in my bubble (I didn’t have one, but I wanted to build one), I wanted to forgive everyone who had faulted me and I wanted forgiveness from everyone who I had faulted. I had big dreams for myself, my family and my unborn child.  Despite not being able to pull myself away from the TV for days, I had big dreams to live a big life.

My daughter did not come on September 11th or even my due date of September 14th and in fact I needed to be induced on September 25th. It seems she didn’t want to come out either. 😊 But life has a way of making other plans for you and she entered the world and change mine. As a new mother I busied myself with a life of caring for my growing family.  I still had aspirations to live a big life and for fill my big dreams. Somehow things were not moving in that direction as quickly as one might have hoped. I have no regrets about this but certainly the intensity of September 11 dwindled as life took over.

But September 11th did happen on that day in 2001 and the things that were important then are important now. Well, some of them are, some of them have changed and some of them have been realized.

So I ask you, where were you on September 11th? What was important to you? What’s important to you now? What are you doing about it?  Share your stories in the comments!


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Wine me, dine me, 39 me!

you are my bucket list

We good-bye 38 hello 39-40.  No, I am not turning both 39 and 40 at the same time.  But I am turning 39 in 10 days.  For some reason, this feels super significant to me.  It’s a pattern – 19 was important, 20 wasn’t, 29 was meaningful, 30 not so much and now, 39 – cool.  40 whatever.  I’ve got big plans for this coming year.  As I do most years, really.  And to be fair, it’s not the new year’s resolution kinda plans that last 4 days.  I make this shit happen.  Daily practise, baby steps to big goals and leaps into the unknown.  Strange that January 1st felt insignificant this year…tonight feels like a breaking open of what’s about to come.  A look back on where I’ve been in the last 9 years of my 30’s.  The day has worked out to be exactly as it should – as most days do when you move with what feels right.  February is just the month to kick this all off!  ROAR! Big ole happy dance!!!!!!!!  Whoa, I got all carried away there.

This year is going to be about big adventures, taking chances, connections with people I love and ones that I meet along the way.  Risking.  Being generous.  Kicking ass in my business and in my life.  Living up to my expectations and trusting my own word to myself.  Feeling deeply.  Getting caught up in good books and great wine within lazy afternoons.  Delicious sex, salty chocolates.  Walk, hikes, stretttching – figuratively and yep, actually.

So, I am kicking off this year in a way that aligns with where I am and how I am feeling about my birthday.  I have officially made February my birthday MONTH! Celebrating all the people in my life that I hold dear. Spending time together and cherishing each and every one of them and their unique qualities and the time that we have together.  Telling them how much they mean to me and how they make my life more awesome than if they weren’t in it.  They are the every day gifts that make up my life.

So be ready world – or don’t be, that’s okay too.  But I’m livin’ it – my last year of my 30’s in a BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL way.


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So many choices!!!

Do you ever wonder if you are in the right place?  If you made the right choice?  I do.  So many choices these days.  From what time to get up, to what to eat, to what to buy, to how to spend your time, to who to spend it with….to what time to go to bed.  And everything In between.  I was having a “am I in the right place” kinda moment back in September 2012 and I am still reminded of it often as I go through my life making all of these choices.

I had just finished a Diva Date Night with Cheryl Brewster where she had us choose an inanimate object and focus on it and “test” the universe to see if in fact we are guided in some way.  I was not a total disbelieve, but I was skeptical for sure.  So I picked a random shell and I visioned it in my minds eye very specifically.  The shape, the colours, even the sizing was pretty clear to me.

I left that night having had a good night and felt good about what I learnt and that I loved and enjoyed Cheryl and the rest of the Conscious Divas Community, but didn’t think too much more about it.

Fast forward a few days and I am sitting in my first Coaches Training Institute (CTI) class and I am wondering if I was meant to be here or not.  This felt good, but scary and a dream that at one time felt impossible.  I look up and I see a picture of these shells framed on the way.  My breath was taken away.  No.  This couldn’t be happening.  I felt a wave of excitement and disbelief and awe that I was in fact being supported by the universe in my ability to take action on my dreams.  And then the skeptic kicked in – my gremlin voice – “no, this is just a coincidence it said.  At first chance I lept out of my seat and went to every conference room on this floor in the hotel.  It was probably all over the place, right?  Nope.  Not one like it everywhere in the hotel.  I also came to learn by completing all the course, and then assisting them that we could have been in any number of rooms on that day, but we weren’t.  We were in that room, with those shells on the wall.

I sank into the belief, the knowing, that this was exactly where I was meant to be.  That I had made this happen in my life through the right choices for MY LIFE.  Everything to that point were decisions that led me there.  I was reminded to trust.  To have faith.  I need to make choices and when I come from a place of honesty, of faith, of trust that they will always be the right ones for me.  It’s when I turn off that I make choices that are not aligned with the life that I want to lead that I make choices that are the “shoulds” which ultimately end up being wrong choices.

I am forever grateful for that night with Cheryl and the Conscious Divas community that brought my closer to my intuition, to my path for the life I want and for allowing me to start the journey of testing the universe.  Cause you know what, even now from time to time I still like to test it…just to be sure.  😉

I wonder, what choices are you pondering?   Where would you like a little support from the universe?  Let’s talk about that here or in the Facebook community and get the universe working for you!

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Holy crap – I think I just bought crack cocaine.

Holy crap – I think I just bought crack cocaine.  Wow. This shit is amazing. No seriously. A-maz-ing.  After my first time I think I’m addicted.  Before you get all AA on my ass, it’s not actually drugs. But I get addiction in a whole new way after today.

floatI just experienced my first sensory deprivation tank session at Float House in Gastown, Vancouver.  For those of you who know the area, buying drugs here isn’t that far of a stretch. I had wanted to try floating for some time now, and even bought a session in Seattle that I never used. Then Vancouver opened and I am now an official float member.

So… curious????  I came into my session with an expectation of just experiencing ‘what is’. No delusions of helusinating or transformation or magically healings. 10-15 minutes in I was in a complete state of relaxation and a sense of mental clarity and sharpness far beyond expectations. I was in this meditative state, but my brain starting working and I completed an entire project I was working on in my head.

An hour and a half seemed like a long time before hand, but time was irrelevant from the chamber. It wasn’t long, it didn’t fly by, it just existed.   And when I finally walked out of there I was on cloud nine. I had this incredibly quiet energy and felt unstoppable. All I wanted was a piece of paper to capture my thoughts. I longed to write.  I wanted back in. Another hit. (I’ve watched too many drug shows on HBO lately too apparently).  I could feel my mind and my body saying, “take this and use it for everything it’s worth” and GET MORE!

So it made me think what’s the learning here. What is in the opportunity?

Here’s some of what floated around (lol’in):
– yes I will be floating again
– with more time to write afterwards
– I am bendy/flexible to the benefits of meditation. Do it more.
– getting back in touch with ourselves consistently is important
– I love trying new experiences and being open to possibilities of them. Some turn out like this, some not so amazing (eating an oyster straight from the ocean not as amazing as it might sound).  It’s about living and experiencing all that’s out there.
– my mind needs to rest too. Showering for me and tuning out is completely therapeutic.  Notice those times. Find more of them.

So, what are your beneficial addictions?  …I’m open to trying them.  Let’s share with each other what’s working and what we love.

With Love,

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CTI Coach Match Program – Accepting Applications Now!

coach matchI have been thinking about how much life and business has changed since I was completed the Core Curriculum at The Coaches Training Institute.  I knew the CTI coach training was the next step in my development and although I was scared shitless I jumped in with both feet since the first moment I started fundamentals.

As a Co-active coach I am really passionate about supporting coaches who are going through the same training that had such an impact on me. For me the  CTI Coach Match gave me an opportunity to work with a fabulous coach that supported me in living my bigger life and taking on the Core Curriculum in a bigger way.  The coaching sessions were invaluable and I got to work with someone who really understood what it was all about and even engaged me deeper into my desire to do the Leadership program.

I love being in a position to be able connect and to give back to new coaches in training who are on the same journey.  So if you are looking for a CTI coach match coach then I would love to hear from you and talk about what coaching can do for you to engage you in a life you love and  deeper your learning in your CTI journey!

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