Little paws, big love!

What do you think about when you hear the word give? I noticed that I was thinking of it in the same way often so I thought I would look it up…

•provide someone with something
•make someone owner of something
•put medicine in someone
•cause effect/experience
•perform action
•allow someone to do something
•pass illness to someone else
•pay money
•stretch/bend/break etc
•change decision
•use all time/energy

Today in my day at home I really silent (and sometimes with weirPetsd noises and voices) focused on giving attention to my fur babies. We have had Joey (the cat) since our daughter was a baby and when we brought Dexter (the chocolate lab) in our home, it really transformed our house into a home. Animals bring us so much love and adoration so just to really give back and love up on them. Sometimes it really is the simple things. Love from the ones who love us and giving it right back to them.

#day33 #40DayofGiving

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