Let it go…let it go…

#Day36 and I will be falling into bed shortly. Today I gave the gift of letting go. My daughter really wanted to make dinner (Junior MasterChef inspired) by herself. I had already pulled out everything to make dinner and wanted something nutritious, fresh and easy. Trust me, I love me daughter, but she is no MasterChef. But I let go and appreciated what she was doing both for herself and for our family. Dinner, was, well…interesting. There was some healthy components and fresh was there in bits and pieces. But truly, letting her have it all for her was a gift to all of us. For today and for the young woman who is growing up before our eyes.
Let it go
Where else can I learn to let go more often?
~ With my extended family, they are who they are. Stop complaining about it already.
~ With having everything figured out. Being overly organized is not always a good thing.
~ Traffic. I mean, hello, who do I think I am. I can’t move mountains or semi trucks out of my way.
~ With controlling the outcome of things. I mean, hey, no matter where we go on vacation, it’ll be good.
~ With email. Some unread, unresponded to emails are going to have to be just fine. (I feel lots of resistance in this one!)

#40DayofGiving and so much learning inside of it!

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