In an instant

Once again I was witness to something coming together in an instant. Sometimes we can plan and plan and plan and organize and yet everything can change with just one conversation or one idea or one insight. I have been trying to plan my 40th birthday for sometime now. Couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to do specifically. Tried all sorts of ways of seeing what would feel good and nothing was really coming up. One small concepts within one small conversation sparked something and the entire birthday party was planned in an afternoon.

What if we all gave ourselves possibility? Possibility that everything could come together at any moment.  In a Moment
What ways could this actualize in our lives?
– Creativity is everywhere. Let creativity come in strange places. While you are falling asleep, out in nature on a simple walk, while on the treadmill, in the shower. Trying to solve something? Stop thinking about solving it and may be the solution will just come.
– Money can literally land on your doorstep tomorrow. This is not an excuse to move away from earning it, but it’s possible that you can just get unexpected money land it your lap.
– Fallen off the wagon a million times? Try to quit smoking, tried to lose weight, tried to stick to an exercise routine, tried to organize your household, tried to start being on time for once. Even if you have tried a thousand times before, this next time could be the time that it sticks.
– Even just one insight into how you are doing something or why you are doing it could be the simple shift you need to do something differently forever.

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