How my kinda birthday is making me jump off (not a bridge).

Happy birthday to me!

Okay, it’s not really my birthday but it kinda is…. It’s my half birthday!

I’m not normally one to celebrate half birthdays. I normally check my goals around this time because it’s September and September is a time of reflection and getting back to some more structure and routines and my goals run from February to February.  I can just never fully get my shit together for January 1st and my birthday feels like a much more fun time to do it anyways.

This is the first year that a half birthday has felt so significant.  You see in February I have a big birthday coming. Why does everyone talk about this birthday? Isn’t 40 the new 30 anyways?

A while back I realized I had 300,000 minutes left until my birthday. Who thinks like that???  But I had taken a vow to be brave just one moment at a time. One minute of bravery was all I needed to ask of myself. I knew that this was all I needed to step into this things the scared the crap out of me.

I remember being about 22 years old and on an island in Greece and bungee jumping off of a massive crane. I had already skydived in Vancouver, how could this be any scarier?  Well let me tell you, it was! I was terrified. Why would I jump off this totally secure platform into the unknown?  There was no process, no things to remember, no steps to take. Just one second of bravery to lift my foot off that platform and lean forward. They had to count me down three times.

But I digress.  I have no idea exactly how many minutes I have left until the big 4–0. I do however know that I have taken incredible steps of bravery leading up to it and will continue to do so far beyond my actual day. There are things I want to accomplish while still in my 30s and things I need to leave behind as I move into a new decade of my life. Relationships that deserve mending, grudges worth letting go and fears worth busting through.

After recently posting about September 11th I am again reminded about the things we are reminded of during momentous occasions. Tragedies in the world, big birthdays, and so too often funerals.

I haven’t yet planned my actual birthday, but it will no doubt be something fun and epic and in the meantime I am enjoying the journey between now and then and taking small and meaningful one minute steps of bravery towards great things!

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  1. sarabarrywrites says:

    Happy half-birthday.
    40 is only as big as you make it. I used mine as an excuse for 40 celebrations big and small.

  2. I celebrate my half birthday every year. I actually enjoy it more than my real birthday:)

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