Holy crap – I think I just bought crack cocaine.

Holy crap – I think I just bought crack cocaine.  Wow. This shit is amazing. No seriously. A-maz-ing.  After my first time I think I’m addicted.  Before you get all AA on my ass, it’s not actually drugs. But I get addiction in a whole new way after today.

floatI just experienced my first sensory deprivation tank session at Float House in Gastown, Vancouver.  For those of you who know the area, buying drugs here isn’t that far of a stretch. I had wanted to try floating for some time now, and even bought a session in Seattle that I never used. Then Vancouver opened and I am now an official float member.

So… curious????  I came into my session with an expectation of just experiencing ‘what is’. No delusions of helusinating or transformation or magically healings. 10-15 minutes in I was in a complete state of relaxation and a sense of mental clarity and sharpness far beyond expectations. I was in this meditative state, but my brain starting working and I completed an entire project I was working on in my head.

An hour and a half seemed like a long time before hand, but time was irrelevant from the chamber. It wasn’t long, it didn’t fly by, it just existed.   And when I finally walked out of there I was on cloud nine. I had this incredibly quiet energy and felt unstoppable. All I wanted was a piece of paper to capture my thoughts. I longed to write.  I wanted back in. Another hit. (I’ve watched too many drug shows on HBO lately too apparently).  I could feel my mind and my body saying, “take this and use it for everything it’s worth” and GET MORE!

So it made me think what’s the learning here. What is in the opportunity?

Here’s some of what floated around (lol’in):
– yes I will be floating again
– with more time to write afterwards
– I am bendy/flexible to the benefits of meditation. Do it more.
– getting back in touch with ourselves consistently is important
– I love trying new experiences and being open to possibilities of them. Some turn out like this, some not so amazing (eating an oyster straight from the ocean not as amazing as it might sound).  It’s about living and experiencing all that’s out there.
– my mind needs to rest too. Showering for me and tuning out is completely therapeutic.  Notice those times. Find more of them.

So, what are your beneficial addictions?  …I’m open to trying them.  Let’s share with each other what’s working and what we love.

With Love,

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