Confession ~ I like to doodle on my feet!

So I have totally found a new thing I love to do.  It’s not something I have done before and I’m not sure where it came from, but I have discovered that I love to doodle on my feet.

896486_10152724058000430_779858685_oOkay, doodle might be a bit of a stretch.  I am currently ‘working’ the May Cause Miracles book by Gabrielle Bernstein.  The reason I say working and not reading is because it’s a 1-a-day book where you have a morning meditation and intention setting and an evening reflection and meditation with some reading squeezed in in between.  Any who…I digress.  So I am working this book and find myself sitting crossed legged a lot and looking at my feet a ton in yoga.  Meditation ~ Yoga ~ Feet ~ Doodle!  Right?  I’ve lost you haven’t I? 895466_10152749623020430_453639746_o So here’s the thing, I’m not doodling per say and there is no henna involved, but what I am doing is writing my intention down on the inside of my foot and ankle.  And it’s made a crazy big difference for me.  It’s kept the intention alive.  Which is really all that matters.  It’s become a structure for me to keep the book alive throughout my day.  It reminds me of times that I have said “tomorrow I am going to eat better” and then tomorrow comes and I half asleep make a coffee and some toast, sit down and eat, made a half decent lunch (always good, but rarely great), sit down and eat and then shout, “SHIT – I FORGOT, I was going to start eating better today!”  What went wrong?  I had no structure in place.  A reminder of the ‘why’ I was doing it was missing.  So I’d love to hear something you want to do and a structure that could support you in getting it.  Be creative.  Doodling on my feet certainly wasn’t on my agenda, but now that it is, it’s working like crazy!896757_10152749686005430_1334710322_o

With Love,

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