Alone on Valentine’s Day? Are you a loser?

Valentines Day Loser

Whether 16 or 66 I hear women (particularly) complaining about being alone on Valentine’s Day.  LOSERS! I so often hear them calling themselves.  What the hell is it about Valentine’s Day that makes them need a “sig other” to be worthy of love and belonging?  You don’t hear the same people publicly shaming themselves about being alone on April 14th?

Anyone in a committed relationship knows that if you need Valentine’s Day to be in love, then you’re not really in love anymore, or are at least not connected to the love that once was.  So why is it when you’re single you think Valentine’s Day you need to pair up?

What can St. Valentine offer to the single gal?
–          A wake up call to love.  Want love?  Then you gotta put yourself out there.  I don’t mean the “in da club” kinda out there, I mean be open, vulnerable, available to be loved kinda out there.  Get out of your stuck ways.
–          A chance to love others who want to be loved.  You get the chance every day to connect.  Do it.  Connect.  Have meaningful conversations.  SMILE at the person at the checkout.  Say thank you to your delivery guys – an eye to eye contact thank you.
–          Celebrate your single life!  Yes, celebrate it.  I was with a guy in my early 20’s on Valentine’s Day, and trust me; I’d rather have been alone.  No really.  Next day ~ over.
–          An opportunity to really get clear on what you want and what you are doing (or not doing) to get it.  You want a man who will shower you with love and affection, but you are guarded?  Good luck.  You want someone who will take charge, but every date you feel the need to pick the time, date, location.  Good luck.  You want someone who wants to show love and financial support, but you won’t let someone buy you a coffee.  Good luck.

–          Show yourself some luuuuuv sista!  What gift can you give yourself this V-day?  Time, pampering, kind words?  You decide.

So if you think you’re a loser because you’re single this year on Valentine’s Day then take the opportunity to view it another way.  If you feel the need, go out and buy yourself a big ole red heart box of chocolate, pop on a movie and enjoy spending time with your most important life partner – YOU!

So, how are you spending this Valentine’s Day?  Post in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going.

P.S. I love you,

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