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Give MoreAs the clock strikes midnight this 2015 New Years Eve, It will be 40 days until my 40th birthday. I thought 40 would be terrifying, but it’s exhilarating! So from Jan 1 to Feb 9th I will be doing #40DaysOfGiving where I, along side my family, friends, colleagues and you, my clients and followers, I will honour the first 40 years of my life and give back to the many people and things have gotten me this far. Since I want it to be organic and come from the heart, I won’t know what every day is going to bring, but here are some of the things I have planned:
– 40 Random Acts of Kindness
– 40 gifted challenge and opportunity sessions where you and I get to create a creation container and see what crazy things you want to get up to in your own live. I am committed to giving these sessions only to people who are really ready to take charge of their lives and what they want to get up to and are willing to explore all parts of it and TAKE ACTION! Fully being of service in each and every one of these calls.
– A blog post about 40 things to celebrate about being 40. (Are you sensing a theme?)
– 40 hours of fully receiving from others and giving myself the gift of receiving. Giving as little as possible. This one is going to be tough!
– 40 handwritten cards to loved ones over the years that have impacted my life. Who doesn’t like post holiday mail?
When February 9th hits I will then start #40DaysOfCelebration celebrating the shit out the life that we all get to have. Yes, even the crappy stuff. I will celebrate the shit out of my deepest failures, obstacles and life lessons and along with every amazing f*ing thing that has crossed my path. Wow, there is some passion behind that statement huh? I will dance, pop champagne, cry (that’s a given), be in nature, fail – hopefully epically, party, sing, laugh my ass off…. just to get things started. So what are some of the things I am going to celebrate? Hmmmm… let’s see….
– Spend (ehhemmm) Invest LARGELY in an adventure coaching immersion for myself and my business. CRAP ~ this is AH-MAZE-ING! Celebrating this for 2015 already!
– Have some kind of shindig for my actual birthday. Since my birthday is on family day in BC, I think it get’s to be extra specially special. But that’s just me. Hello, they created a long weekend just for it!
– Love all of me joyously. I acknowledge that this is a work in progress for me. I am on the edge. I’m workin’ it. Daily love. …because I said I would.
– Commit to my health in a new way. Honouring the very best and the very worst of what is here. Knowing that each moment can be life changing. Given or taken away. I know this all to well. Committing to my health is a lifelong gift I will be giving to my daughter in hopes that she will have to put up with me for decades and decades to come.
– Launching my new web site. Haven’t decided if I will stick with www.coachmichaella.com or move to www.michaellaoconnor.com. Another work in progress.

And then as the #40DaysofGiving and #40DaysofCelebration come to a close, my family and I are planning a Humanitarian trip to Cuba to go to some work in an orphanage over Spring break and take some much needed family time to spend together. I am thinking of bringing donations of art supplies, my hubby of baseball equipment, and my daughter of school supplies. This also is still a work in progress, but currently that’s the plan.
So, for every person who has inspired me to get to this place in my life, thank you! You are a piece of this with me. I am so lucky to have each and every person I have in my life!
I would love your ideas. How can I support you? What are ways you would action #40DaysofGiving or #40DaysofCelebration? Help me make these next few months incredibly special and meaningful while supporting you!

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